World No Tobacco Day-31st May 2021

World no tobacco day is celebrated to draw attention to Tobacco outbreaks and diseases caused by it.

World no tobacco day is celebrated on 31st May every year. Member states of the WHO first created it in 1987. The World Health Assembly passed a Resolution for 7 April, remember as a “World No-Smoking Day.”

Then in 1988, the WHA42 bill was passed that calling 31 st may every year “No tobacco day.”

On this day, we are hereby discussing some important things about how tobacco relates to health.

With each inhalation, smoke brings more than 5000 chemical substances into contact with the body’s tissues.

Tar, a black sticky substance, begins to cover the teeth and damaging tooth enamel and ultimately causing deterioration over time. Smoke also infects the nerve ending in the nose making the loss of smell.

In the airways and lungs, smoke raises infections as well as chronic illnesses like bronchitis and emphysema. It executes this by destroying the cilia tiny hair look like formations whose job is to keep airways clear.

Diseases Caused By Tobacco:

  • Lung Cancer
  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Heart Related Disease
  • Stroke
  • Asthma
  • Premature, Low Birth-Weight Babies
  • Diabetes
  • Blindness and  Cataracts
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration


  • According to, Tobacco causes more than 7 million deaths per year worldwide. If this will not change, then more than 8 million death occurred every year by 2030.
  • On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers.
  • Tobacco kills up to half of its consumers.
  • According to WHO, 1.3 billion tobacco users live in low and middle-income countries.

How To Quit Smoking:

  • Use Nicotine
  • Chew gum
  • Talk more with your loved ones
  • Do daily physical activity
  • Go online and talk with the community
  • Clean your house when you feel to smoke
  • Make yourself busy
  • Remind yourself no smoking benefits every day
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Reward yourself when you successfully passed some days
  • Take the help of your family

There is never a say to no. Consistency is the key to success. Keep going; one day, you will be able to lose this habit.

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