what are ultra processed foods?

The term Ultra Processed Food (UPF) has been in the media for the past few days. Most people don’t know the exact meaning of it, they listen to this term in media or the newspaper.

what are ultra-processed foods?


There are three types of processed foods available in the market: Raw and minimum processed foods, Processed foods and Ultra-processed foods.

The term Ultra-processed foods means more processed foods that may lose their nature of foods and nutrients.


Ultra-processed foods will cause weight gain, cancer and health-related problems. UPF smells and more tastier than original foods as it highly added preservatives and chemicals. It is cheap compared to natural or raw food.

Most of dieticians in the USA are suggesting that to stop eating this type of food as they can cause serious health diseases.


Use alternatives to Ultra-processed foods as they contain natural ingredients and they are easily available in the market.

Use Whole wheat rotis in place of white bread.

Use raw peanuts in place of peanut butter. Yes, we know peanut butter is healthy, but several companies added sugar and other preservatives in it to make it tasty.

Eat fruits in place of chips and cookies.

Be healthy and make your family healthy.

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