Fulham F.C. vs Manchester City F.C. : Manchester City won the match with 0-4 goals.

Manchester City football club has won the football match against Fulham Football club and they top the table like the king with 85 points.

The Manchester City F.C. gained 85 points in 36 matches in the premier league. They won 26 matches.

From Manchester City F.C. Joško Gvardiol, Phil Foden and Julián Álvarez scored 4 goals. Joško Gvardiol scored two goals.

Joško Gvardiol a Croatian footballer won the hearts of millions of Man City fans by scoring two goals in todays match. The Man City fans are showing love on social media.

Gvardiol is known for his exceptional fitness levels, which allows him to cover a lot of ground on the pitch and maintain his performance throughout the game. He has a muscular and lean physique, which is a result of his rigorous fitness regimen and training routine. Gvardiol’s dedication to his fitness has helped him become a formidable player on the field, and he continues to work hard to maintain his fitness levels and improve his performance.

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